Bolsonaro recovers, to resume presidency Friday

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro’s health state saw an improvement and he should resume his post on Friday (Sep 13), as expected. Bolsonaro went on a leave on Sunday (8) to undergo a surgery on an incisional hernia in the abdomen. This was his fourth operation since he suffered a knife attack at a campaign rally in September last year. Vice-President Hamilton Mourão has served as acting president.

“[Bolsonaro] will resume the presidency tomorrow,” his spokesman Otávio Rêgo Barros said at a press conference on the state of the president, who is at São Paulo’s Vila Nova Star hospital. The president’s trip to the UN General Assembly, on September 24, has not been rescheduled.


Bolsonaro is reported to show “favorable clinical evolution,” with “intestinal movements progressively recuperating.” He is also not in pain or presenting fever or any signs of infection. “We evaluated his liver, kidneys, and blood, and the white cells are in an adequate amount, with no signs of infection or complications,” said Antônio Macedo, chief surgeon.

In observance of medical recommendations, Bolsonaro will only welcome authorities if meetings are extremely necessary, especially after tomorrow, after Bolsonaro resumes his post. “Visitation is still limited, but not prohibited,” Rêgo Barros reported.

The president is joined by his wife Michele and his son Carlos, a Rio de Janeiro city councilor. A hospital ward was mobilized to assist Bolsonaro’s staff and family.

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