Venezuelan Congress members: Military scheme set up on Brazil borders

Members of the Venezuelan National Assembly used social media talked about a strong military scheme organized by Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on the country’s national borders with Brazil. On his Twitter account, one of the Congress members pledges to fight the blockage “with courage and morals.”

Yesterday (Feb 21), Maduro shut down the area to prevent humanitarian aid from coming from the US and Brazil in cooperation with a number of other countries and international organizations.

In a video posted on his Twitter account, Congress member Americo de Grazia described the tense atmosphere in the border area and said that three general have been sent to the region.

Since the video was uploaded in the early hours today, he announced a response for some time later today (22). “We’ll open the frontier with courage and morals,” he stated.

Venezuelan Congress members heading for the Colombia–Venezuela borders recounted on social media that the buses they are using for the trip have been attacked at night. Footage shows shattered glass and shards.

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly is formed mostly by lawmakers opposing Maduro’s regime.

In his addresses, the president says Parliament is illegitimate. All Congress members, however, have been elected.

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